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he old saying “Life is not a long straight line” fits me perfectly. My career is typical, like many. Interest in photography and drawing appeared simultaneously as a strong penchant for art forms of all origins. I remember the first shots of asphalt cracks, stone textures, a craze for the infinitely small.

Since forever, the look that the human being takes on his appearance fascinates me. Following a long renewal in Europe, I began studying visual arts at UQÀM, Montreal in the late 1980’s. My first creations were largely inspired by the works of the movements of Les Automatistes and Abstract Expressionists, inspired by the present moment, the abandonment of the gesture on the canvas.

It is an artistic approach combining various creative phases. The final work is the result of a unique innovative process, bringing together various mediums (painting, photography, drawing, …). Successively, the canvas takes different forms. The model is invited to move, to glimpse, to let itself be seen and let his emotions emerge. More than a body deprived of its artifices, the artwork has a soul. It has a past, a present and a future. The lived experience leads us to contact its present. The transience of the moment, freedom and abandonment reveals unique emotions. Feelings sometimes sad, dark and mysterious, sometimes luminous, joyful and resplendent. Suddenly, the imprint sneaks in the memories and will have been transformed and immortalized. This exceptional and surprising richness of colors and textures inevitably makes emotions emerge. During a session, I absorb new emerging forms, one after the other. The pace and movement change, transform themselves in the present moment. Any audacity or evolution of the artwork will be immediate and consensual. The capture of each moment becomes a work in itself. My project, as well as my artistic approach, are inspired by different cultures while remaining relevant because the Man is concerned about the image he projects. Ephemeral Faces is animated and stimulated by the past, then, turns and colors to the present moment.

Field and studio photography has taken over many years. My knowledge of scenography, stage techniques, digital imaging technologies and language in the image, all related to my work as spokesperson for a Japanese firm, have proven to be important assets in the development of my creative process.”


Honours and Achievements

I co-founded the Foudl’ART group, an association of visual arts artists from the Laurentians, Quebec, wishing to promote art in all its forms.

I had a solo exhibition entitled “Tides”, a series of monochrome works at the Maison de la Culture in Lachute, then on the walls of the famous Café de la Grave at the Îles de la Madeleine.

The project “Dust and Dirt”, which will evolve towards “Ephemeral Faces”, my project which is still in progress. During a performance, I invite the model to reveal themselves, to be an integral part of the work that takes shape live. Being painted in the snapshot rather than transposing the subject to the canvas allows interaction on a different level. The pace and gestures of the model are transformed into the work in constant change.

“Ephemeral Faces” was presented at the Îles de la Madeleine at the La Méduse Gallery and at the Café de la Grave for the summer. Then, in the fall, the exhibition moved to Montreal, Cannes and Paris at the famous SNBA Salon des Beaux Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Artist at Kipling Gallery in Toronto since February. I will be in Florence, Italy all the month of April at the Merlino Gallery. In May, I will be doing a solo exhibition at the Maison de la Culture in Lachute and Espace Solo at the Îles de la Madeleine in the summer.



Kipling Gallery

Maison de la Culture, Lachute, Canada

Salon des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Live performance , Le Livart Gallery Montréal
Inukshuk Com2Art Exhibition, Le Livart Gallery Montréal
Salon des Artistes du Monde, Cannes, France

Café de la Grave, Îles de la Madeleine, Canada

La Méduse, Îles de la Madeleine, Canada

PhotoNews Canada magazine (cover and portfolio)

Émergence Magazine France, Portrait


Magazine Émergence Québec, Portrait

Visionary magazine,  USA , Portrait

UNIQ Magazine, Portfolio

Summum Magazine, Canada, portrait and Interview


MARÉES – Café de la Grave, Îles de la Madeleine, Canada


TRACES, Cultural magazine, Canada, Portrait


MARÉES, Lachute, Canada


FoudlART, Désautels Gallery, St-André d’Argenteuil, Canada