Abraham Anghik Ruben is named to the Order of Canada!

Abraham Anghik Ruben is named to the Order of Canada for his artistic contributions as a sculptor and for his preservation of our northern heritage and national identity.

For decades, Inuit sculptor Abraham Anghik Ruben has been committed to sharing stories inspired by his parents, his heritage and history through contemporary art.

A major focus of his work has been the story of the contact between the Viking Norse and the Inuit. It’s a piece of history, he says, that is “vital to our broader understanding of what took place in this country that we call Canada.”

Mr. Ruben hopes his work can reveal stories that aren’t getting told.

Through his own art, he wants to elevate the work done by native artists across Canada, so it can be recognized as important and contemporary by other artists in the country and internationally.

Currently juggling several projects in Canada, in talks for international exhibitions, with two large, Nordic-themed sculptures in the works, Mr. Ruben is hoping to establish a fund in support of children in the Arctic.

Megan Dolski

The Globe and Mail article