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Robert is a self-taught artist who uses acrylics in a photo-realistic style. The word “dichotomy” seems to play a large part in his paintings. At one end of the spectrum surrealism is firmly entrenched, where it stares at the other end, finding his love of animals fondly displayed in his wildlife art. History and the gamut of human emotions also play a large part, but whatever the subject matter a meticulous method and style is evident through his rendering of minute detail. It is this quality, combined with a singular perspective, that gives his pieces their unique character.

Robert was born in southern Ontario then moved to more northerly parts of the province as a boy. He feels that this also contributes to the dualistic nature of his art. Although he always remained in contact with his true calling, it went largely overlooked until the year 2001 when it could no longer be ignored. Now he takes part in numerous exhibitions and his paintings can be found in various private collections throughout North America. This in turn has greatly spurred on his creativity and productivity. He hopes you too will enjoy viewing the images of his dichotomous journey.


New York Art Expo
Artera Fine Art, Vaughan, Ontario

New York Art Expo
Kipling Gallery, Vaughan, Ontario

Gallery on the Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Rivertown Gallery, London, Ontario
Kipling Gallery, Vaughan, Ontario
New York Art Expo


Robert’s works are in private and corporate collections in Canada and the United States.