Abraham Anghik Ruben, Moving Forward: Breaking Through

Museum Cerny, Bern Switzerland, November 6th to February 28th


Left to right: Abraham Anghik Ruben, Jennifer MacIntyre – Canadian Ambassador to Switzerland, Suzi LeVine- American Ambassador to Switzerland with her daughter and Jose Romero – Chief Scientist Federal Department of Environment, Switzerland.

Museum Cerny, Bern Switzerland, November 6th to February 28th.

The Cerny Inuit Collection is pleased to present the expressive artwork by the contemporary artist, Abraham Anghik Ruben in his first solo exhibition in Switzerland, respective in Europe.

Abraham Anghik Ruben does not see himself as an “Inuit artist”, in the usual connotation, rather as a contemporary artist with geographic roots.

His works have been exhibited in many museums and galleries, in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, New York, the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Smithsonian Institute to name but a few. Read more