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Yes,.. I know that this does not make sense, but nevertheless, choosing to live in the middle of nowhere and being void of all but the most necessary of human contact, has been Peter’s choice for  most of his life.  As a child he faced segregation and attacks by school mates which set the tone for a preference for solitude.
The for acceptance and fortune drove him into the world at large for some of his adult life but always finding that his peace and his creativity, was the price he would pay for that decision.

For this latter stage, Peter chooses to live and work here in Muskoka, where he has found a better balance of just the right amount of human interaction in the summer season and peace for the other 10 months of the year. Peter loves to engage in passionate conversation about life, art, world view, psychology, philosophy, health,.. and  his Christian beliefs. Almost anything actually,… except maybe team sports.

When asked about what makes an Artist, Peter will tell you that it is certainly not what is considered as such by the average picture purveyor of the day.  Most would require an “ artist ”  to reproduce, ad-infinitum, what ever it was that they last sold. If the “ artist ” allows this to take place, In Peter’s opinion, they cease to be artists. If artists subjugate themselves to this spirit killing reality, they will slowly loose that very special gift and the passion that came with it that God gave them. The work that they do will deteriorate … and so will they. As Peter says,

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked to paint a red canoe or some other common Muskoka icon. I will not do this unless it serves the “ big picture” at the time,…  and even then I will find a way to make it new or different enough, as to not duplicate what has been done by so many already “.

To understand a truly creative mind you need to accept that this mind wanders, constantly. It is in a state of wonder, visual stimulation, invention, play, and problem solving, that the artist lives… Continually, and never satisfied, he/she is driven by the never ending  need to create a-new.


  • One Man Show- Fromme- Douglas Dream Factory- Bala, Ont, – 2010
  • One Man Show- YinYang Studios- Baysville, Ont, Canada- 2007
  • One Man Show- Fromme-Douglas Gallery- Port Carling, Ont, Canada- 2005
  • Exhibition of Little Pictures – One Man Show- Bracebridge, Canada- July 1997
  • One Man Show Buckingham Galleries- Unionville, Canada- 1994
  • One Man Show- Cosmopolitan Club of Toronto- Toronto, Canada- 1988
  • One Man Show- Metropolis- Boston, USA- 1987
  • One Man Show- Metropolis- Boston, USA- 1986
  • One Man Show- Limited Edition Gallery- Toronto, Canada- 1985
  • One Man Show- Dyansen Gallery- New York, USA- 1984
  • One Man Show- Art Invesco Gallery- Calgary, Canada- 1982
  • One Man Show- Lahina Gallery- Hawaii, USA- 1982
  • One Man Show- LaFlamme Gallery- Calgary, Canada- 1982


  • Karsten Manufacturing Inc./ Ping Gold Equipment- Limited Edition Print- ‘The Significance of a Moment’- a special collaborative project- 2004
  • Sanctuary Health Spas- Image Branding Campaign/ Original Paintings- 2004
  • Tesma International Inc.- ‘Historical Manufacturing of Automotive Industry Series’- 2003
  • Tesma International Inc.- Limited Edition Canvas Giglee Series- 2003
  • Tesma International Inc.- ‘Formula-One Racecar Series’- 2002/03
  • Litens Group Co.- Corporate Commission- 2001
  • Harley Davidson Museum- Limited Edition Print- 2000
  • Magna Corporation- ‘Motorcycle Series’- 1999/2000
  • Canadian Tire Corporation- Limited Edition Print- 1996
  • Magna Corporation- 4 Door YJ Jeep Vehicle Design- 1991
  • Anna Perenna Limited Edition Plate Collection- ‘Me and My Shadow Series’- 1985
  • Wedgewood Limited Edition Plate Collection- ‘Eyes of the Child Series’-1984
  • Simon Art- 4 Limited Editions& Poster- 1984
  • Paul Revere Insurance Co.- ‘Instinct & Innocence’- Limited Edition Print- 1983
  • Magna Corporation- ‘Vintage Car Series’- 1982-1990
  • Magna Corporation- ‘Conceptor’- Concept Car Painting- 1982/83
  • Magna Corporation- Bronze Sculpture- 1982

Charity Fundraisers:

  • Muskoka Rails Museum- ‘Bracebridge Trainstation’- Painting & Limited Edition Print- 2004
    • To assist in raising funds to build the new town trainstation
    • Morrell & Company- Grapes of Grief & Gratitude Benefit Auction- New York, USA- 2001
      • Peter donated an original painting ‘In Memoriam’ to raise funds for the widows and orphans of the firefighters who sacrificed their lives while trying to save others at the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001
      • MADD/ Mothers Against Drunk Drivers- Poster Campaign- 1996

Commercial Building Design:

  • Bracebridge Train Station- Bracebridge, Canada- 2004/05
  • Appleton Center- Huntsville, Canada- 2004
  • Riverwalk Restaurant- Bracebridge, Canada- 2000
  • Club One- Bracebridge, Canada- 2000
  • Heat-Line Corporate Headquarters & Factory- Haliburton, Canada- 1998/99
  • Sacci Boutique- Palm Springs, USA- 1987
  • Polyschuk House- Muskoka, Canada- 1986
  • Hobby Hut- Yorkdale Shopping Center- Toronto, Canada- 1972

Graphic Design

  • Illustration, Cover Design and Photography- ‘Controlling Others for Love & Profit’- Author Ross Quinn- Evolution Publications- 2004
  • Corporate Logo- Northland Marine & Storage Ltd.- 2004
  • Corporate Branding Campaign- Korqworks Inc. – 2004
  • Corporate Branding Campaign- Juno Innovations Corporation- 2003/04
  • Heat-Line Corporate Branding Campaign & Product Packaging Design- 2000
  • Poster- ‘The Romantic Years/Bala- The 1950’s- Muskoka’- 2000
  • Re-Max Real Estate- Advertising Campaign Design- 1999
  • Poster- Muskoka International Air Show/ ‘Let Your Imagination Take Flight’- 1999
  • Poster- ‘The Art of Aviation’- Toronto Aviation &Aircraft Show- 1999
  • Extol Automotive Co. – Corporate Branding Campaign- 1998
  • Poster- ‘The Key to Bala’- Muskoka- 1998
  • Logo Design- Extol Automotive Co. -1997
  • Advertising Campaign- The Lake Joseph Club- ClubLink Corporation- 1996
  • Cover Designs- ‘Cottage News’ Newspaper- Muskoka, Canada-1995
  • Corporate Branding Campaign- Pride of Muskoka Marine Ltd. 1994/95


  • Best New Canadian Product’- CHHMA- Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Assc.- 2001
  • (INA) Innovative New Product Award’- CHRA Canadian Hardware Retailers Association- 2001
  • Golden Squeegee Award/World Best Serigraph’- Screen Printers Association International- 1985/86- These serigraphs were produced in collaboration with Michael Caza of Atelier D’Art in Paris, France who is world renowned for his work with Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Dali etc..
  • Gold/Best Plate in Show’- Toronto Plate Fair- Canada 1985
  • Gold/Best Plate in Show’- Vancouver Plate Show- Canada- 1985
  • Silver/Plate Show’- South Bend, Indiana, USA- 1985
  • Gold/Best Plate in Show- South Bend, Indiana, USA- 1984
  • Best in Show by Public Vote’- Grimsby Art Festival, Canada- 1975/76
  • Best by Popular Vote Award’- Art in the Park- Toronto, Canada- 1975
  • First Prize/Watercolour’- Grimsby Art Festival- Canada- 1975
  • Best in Show’- Toronto New City Hall Art Show- Canada- 1974
  • Best Watercolour’- Huronia Festival of Arts- Canada- 1974


  • Anna Perenna
  • Pride of Muskoka Marine Ltd.
  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Re-Max Real Estate Co.
  • ClubLink Corporation
  • Sanctuary Health Spas
  • Cosma
  • Tesma International Inc
  • Extol Automotive Co.
  • Wedgewood
  • Harley Davidson Museum
  • Heat-Line Corporation
  • Juno Innovations Co.
  • Litens Group Co.
  • Magna Corporation
  • Northland Marine & Storage Ltd.
  • Paul Revere Insurance Co.